Having a website is the worst way to make money online.

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Let’s get nerdy

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  1. I google it
  2. I…

Skip the innovation and become a customer whisperer

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Innovation Kills

Ask 99% of entrepreneurs, and they‘ll tell you that business is quite the opposite of being creative. Most profitable businesses aren’t innovative nor exciting. And they don’t deserve a Hollywood movie either.

Leveraging your personality is mandatory in today’s brutal creator economy.

  • 720.000 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube.
  • 24.000 songs are uploaded to music platforms.

“Just follow your passion” is a mythical piece of advice.


Having one side hustle is riskier than you think


Time to Quit

I felt drained, so I quit online writing for several weeks.

How to become mentally resilient


Rob Stux

I help people to discover & monetize their unique superpowers

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