Skip the innovation and become a customer whisperer

Entrepreneurs have become the rockstars of the 21st century.

Steve Jobs made innovation look easy. Mark Zuckerberg got his own Hollywood movie. And Elon Musk has lived up to his nickname “real-life Iron Man”.

At the same time, these tech-moguls have been misleading us — they made us believe that…

#3: You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do

World-famous psychologist, genius, alchemist, polymath, modern shaman — Carl Gustav Jung was certainly ahead of his time.

He also invented analytical psychology, laid the groundwork for the famous MBTI personality test, and is regarded as one of the most influential psychologists in human history.

Jung’s ideas were radically different. His…

Our parents lived the old dream — and failed. Now we’re questioning everything.

Modern society loves addicted people. Shopaholics are great, information junkies even better.

Addicted people are disoriented consumers. And consumers are great for the economy.

It’s surprisingly easy to make consumers happy — give them a “safe” 9–5 job, a Netflix account, and keep releasing a new iPhone every year.


Rob Stux

I help people to discover & monetize their unique superpowers

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