Responding To Adversity: Are You Stoic, Elon Musk, or a Buddha?

3 universal strategies you can use in times of tribulation


1) Refocus

Why You Should Ignore Everyone

If you want to apply stoicism in your own life, you need to master the method of refocusing, which consists of only 2 steps:

2) Fight

How To Fight Properly

While you are in the midst of a fight, don’t be too hard on yourself because you can make your fight a lot easier by seeking out help. From a high-level perspective, you should focus on these 3 components:

3) Transcend

Transcendence Is Mystical

Nobody can really tell you how to follow Buddha’s footsteps and achieve transcendence.

  • In case of sickness, you accept the state of suffering to transform your whole inner being.
  • In the case of loneliness, you discover that you are your best friend.

How to Become Your Own Hero

It should also be noted that these 3 approaches have a common foundation. They are based on discipline and constant action, and therefore, can’t (and shouldn’t) be used exclusively. It’s no „either-or-decision” because they naturally merge into one another.

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